About Me

Assistant Professor at CUNEF University. PhD in Machine Learning, Stats and Operations Research. Interested in all kinds of (applied) research. My graduate research with David Ríos Insua was in security aspects of Machine Learning. I touched different topics such as large scale Bayesian forecasting, Adversarial Machine Learning, game theory, risk analysis… During my PhD, I have been a visting student at Duke University and the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences instutute (Durham, NC, USA).

Currently, in addition to expanding my PhD research, I also work in several applied projects in diverse areas such as: materials desing, drug discovery, finance, … I am also a research scientist at AItenea Biotech, a very promising spin-off from the Spanish National Research Council.

Prior to my PhD, I took my undergrad in Physics at University of Salamanca, and a Masters on Theoretical Physics at Complutense University of Madrid

Research Interests

  • Bayesian Inference and applications.
  • Bayesian Decision Theory.
  • Probabilistic Adversarial Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning for Molecular Design.